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[08 Nov 2007|09:39pm]

A bald mannequin with hard nipples?

[08 Nov 2007|09:38pm]
I seriously need to pick a journal. This is beginning to piss me off.

[27 Oct 2007|07:30pm]
Hello Hello psychosis

[26 Oct 2007|06:42pm]
Today, someone told me that I am batshit insane.

Tell me something that I already didn't know.

[24 Oct 2007|04:56pm]

[24 Oct 2007|04:51pm]

It's still dusty looking outside. Damn ash.

[23 Oct 2007|06:50pm]

San Diego is practically a ghost town. I hope that everyone is fine and when this is all over, their homes will still be there.

[22 Oct 2007|07:00pm]
Cutting off dead weight never felt so good.

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